Sarah Borges, Mef & Angela, Steve Kirchuk highlight Vasa show

Sarah Borges is one of those rare talents - someone who not only can rip it up on stage, but also has the charisma to relate directly to her audience. She is musically outstanding, has a great sense of humor, uses stories to engage the crowd, and in the end, doesn't leave anything on the table.

Borges will bring it on when she comes to the Vasa Park Cultural Center in Mount Olive for a special show on Sunday Nov. 13 (doors at 2, first act at 2:30), with her band, The Broken Singles. Also featured is the eclectic duo, Mef & Angela, and singer-songwriter Steve Kirchuk. Mef & Angela play only a couple of reunion shows a year and this is one of them.  

Vasa Park is located just off Route 46 in Mount Olive, at 1 Vasa Drive. 

When Borges performs, she likens it to “digging deep.” “Digging deep” has never been a problem for the Massachusetts native. 

“I would say that my sound is straight up rock and roll, but it’s the sum total of what my record collection looks like,” she said. What you hear on her recordings is what you’ll get on stage. “A lot of loud guitars and loud singing. You can certainly dance to it.”

Borges’ style is parts Americana, Indie, straight up rock, and blues.

Just what was Borges listening to during her formative musical years? “When I started playing in a band, I listened to X and its offshoots, like the Knitters and other bands that its members were in. I also listened to a lot of old country from my dad’s record collection, and a lot of classic rock. I grew up in Boston, which in the 1990s was such a hotbed for indie rock. You could go and see all your favorite bands in the clubs every Saturday night. There’s a lot of musicians and bands that came from here, and were so accessible when I started playing. That helped me out a lot in terms of me thinking it was possible to be in a band.”

Though the creative side of her loves to record, Borges says that it’s being on stage night after night that is truly her greatest passion. “That’s my favorite part of music. Every night is different, and determined by the people in the audience. Sometimes, the crowd is so ready to go, and sometimes you might have to work things a little more. I like to do it night after night, because it’s a living and breathing thing – and it evolves.”

“I’m not afraid to lay it out there. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Nobody is going to die,” she says with a laugh.

Telling her story - and being a musical bad ass in the process. That’s Sarah Borges. And she’s proud of it.

Being proud of their music is something that also describes Mef & Angela, a longtime favorite in Northwest Jersey. The duo mixes quiet with loud, fashioning their own flavor to recognizable songs, and adding their own material as well. 

Kirchuk offers his own style, mixing originals with covers that take on new meaning.

In addition to great music, there will be vendors selling crafts and other cool stuff, a full bar, and food for sale. The show is presented by Joe Hirsh Productions and Vasa Park, with sponsorship in part from Cheers - Craft Beers and Bites, of Mount Olive (formerly Eastern Asian Bistro). 

Tickets in advance are just $15. To order tickets, go to

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